Hebrews: The True Messiah

Hebrews: The True Messiah is an inductive study of the Book of Hebrews that has been designed to bring the Scriptures alive for your group with emphasis on behavioral life change.

Features include: 13 sessions, deeper level option for each session, introductory comments related to the previous session, summary comments related to the next session, reference notes, ice-breakers keyed to session topics, and relational caring time questions tied to the Scripture passage's subject.

Participant guides are available online for purchase.

This is part of the Words of Faith series from Serendipity.  Click here to view other studies in this series.

Note: We do not have a copy of this study in the GroupLife Center for evaluation.  However we do have a number of the other studies in the Words of Faith series from which you may be able to form an opinion of its suitability for your group.