The Life of Nehemiah

The Bible is full of stories that rival any Hollywood blockbuster.  Yet, sometimes it is difficult to communicate these scriptural experiences to our media-saturated culture.  These brief video illustrations will help any teacher who is communicating the Bible to a 21st Century audience.

This DVD contains four brief videos.  A leader guide of four PDF files is contained on the DVD to use in leading the group.  Click here to preview one of the videos.

Part 1: Dealing with Disaster

  • The devastation of Hurricane Katrina reminds us how Nehemiah felt when Jerusalem was in ruins, and that we must trust God.

Part 2: Comfort Zone

  • Nehemiah was willing to risk his wealth, position and his life to make a difference.  What price are we willing to pay?

Part 3: Broken Walls, Burned Gates

  • Without structure and community, we are as vulnerable as a city without walls.  But with God's help, we can rebuild.

Part 4: What Do You See?

  • Nehemiah saw destruction, violence and sin.  But he also saw what should be: a city rebuilt.  And he saw himself as someone who could help.