Ignite: Refining and Purifying Your Faith

Fire, it is a source of destruction and a source of life. It incinerates and destroys. But it also refines and purifies. In the Bible, God used fire and other trials to turn up the heat and reveal His power through the lives of people. Ed Young explores these trials from Scripture to help fan the flames of our own faith today. Catch a spiritual spark from this intense small group study that can ignite a white-hot passion for Christ.

The participant guide includes a leader's guide section in the back of the book.  It also includes a daily devotional for use between sessions.

Leader/Participant guides may be purchased online.

Week One: What Floats your Boat?: Listening to God (Noah)

Week Two: Great Wall of Fire: Finding Confidence in Adversity (Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego)

Week Three: Lion Food: Developing Courage (Daniel)

Week Four: Playing with Fire: Seizing "Defining Moments" (Lot)

Week Five: Dry as a Bone: Growing in Life's Deserts (Moses)

Week Six: Fish Bait: Following God's Lead (Jonah)

Week Seven: Clash of the Titans: Embracing Strong Convictions (Elijah)

Week Eight: The Power of Lunch: Reaching Out and Influencing People (Zaccheus)