Joe Gibbs: Game Plan for Life

[youtube][/youtube]Joe Gibbs and his team of experts tackle the most important issues facing men today. This study is ideal for men of all ages. Three-time Super Bowl winner, NFL Hall of Fame coach, and three-time NASCAR champion Joe Gibbs has assembled a team of experts to tackle the key areas of life a man needs in order to lead a victorious life. Based on a national survey, the Gibbs team has identified the most important issues facing men today. This study leads men through key areas of modern-day life, to equip them to live victorious lives based on the ultimate playbook—the Bible. McLane GroupLife has purchased the video component of this 6-week curriculum.  Due to its higher cost than most curriculum, the video is available for small groups to borrow.

Participant guides are available for purchase online.


  • God. You are being scouted.
  • The Bible. The ultimate playbook.
  • Salvation. Making the team.
  • Creation. The enemy's game plan.
  • Finances. The signing bonus.
  • Sin & Addiction. Playing hurt.


  • Easily understandable and applicable to every man's life
  • Each session includes video segments featuring Joe and a noteworthy expert on that week's topic
  • Videos shot in HD with a behind-the-scenes look at Joe Gibbs Racing
  • Joe's team of experts includes Ken Boa, Josh McDowell, Chuck Colson, John Lennox, Ron Blue, and Ravi Zacharias
  • Sports magazine design
  • Short and engaging personal study sections
  • Daily devotionals