Making Room...

As I write this, the church building is abuzz with the sounds of spring cleaning.  A dumpster is in the parking lot, and all hands are on deck to give our church building a thorough de-cluttering.  It’s amazing that so many things creep in and overtake the space that is now being reclaimed for future use.

God has blessed us with a wonderful space to use for His purposes at McLane.  It seems that in the time I’ve been here, we are constantly in the state of “becoming.”  We never fully arrive, but we continue to push in on God, trying to discover how to better utilize what we have to realize the vision that He has give us to transform a region.

In addition to our physical plant clean-up this week, I am reminded that our staff recently took a retreat to give attention to the year ahead in ministry.  It was a productive time.  It follows that I need to be  taking time to see where and how I personally should be making any mid-course adjustments to align with God’s trajectory for my life. It has been awhile since I’ve done this with intention and focus.  The benefits to such a “time away” are worthwhile...and yet it seems that life conspires to block those opportunities from happening.  Maybe today is the day I need to figure out how & when to make it happen.

How about you?  Time for a mid-course check-up with God?