Roger's Ramblings - Finishing Strong

The grass is green...and finally so are the trees!  Warmer & drier weather that we anticipate inevitably leads to thoughts of summer and the shift of life that it brings.

As your group may be in a wind-down stage for the year, it’s a good idea to take some time with your gang to evaluate how the group is doing before shifting into summer mode.  Here are some suggestions that might help you to do that.

  1. If you have a group covenant, review it point by point and ask how the group feels you have done in living up to it.

  3. Survey everyone about how they feel about the components of your group time:  Snack/social time, study/discussion time, prayer time, special events/activities, childcare, etc.

  5. Evaluate the spiritual depth of your discussions.   Have they helped to deepen the journey with Christ for people in the group?

  7. How is your group doing in caring for one another?

  9. Is your group a “safe place” where members feel good about sharing their lives with each other?

  11. Talk about your group plans for the summer.  Are you going to continue meeting as usual?  Decrease the frequency?  Move to more social activities?  Discontinue until September?

  13. Look at the size of your group.  Would discussions benefit from adding a few new people?  Do you want to consider attending GroupLink on September 25th?

  15. Ask everyone what they had hoped the group would be, and how it could be improved to help that to happen.  You may have several different and conflicting opinions...but that’s good.  Now it becomes a matter of working through the differing visions to find something that brings out the best of all of them.

And how about you?  How are you feeling about small group leadership?  Do you have an apprentice in the group to help you carry the load?  Is there someone that you think would do a good job as your apprentice?  Why not ask them if they’d like to lead a session before the end of this ministry season?  Let them get a taste of leadership, then let them spend some time over the summer praying about becoming an apprentice, or perhaps even starting a group of their own.

If you’d like more ideas on how to finish the year strong, drop us an email, or touch base with your small group coach and let them know.  After all, your coach is all about helping you to succeed!