On Being Fooled...Let's Lighten it Up!

I enjoy a good joke...even when it’s pulled on me.  Actually, sometimes being the victim of a practical joke is day-maker for me.  Some people can’t be bothered by such shenanigans.  Whether it’s because they lack a sense of humor, having the weight of life and responsibilities on them, or something else...I feel they’re missing out on one of the pleasures that God has given to us.

Life is serious...there’s no doubt about that fact. A quick look at the news headlines reminds us just how serious it can be.  But dealing with life with a sense of humor...sometimes going out of your way to bring a laugh to someone else...is a healthy way to help process the pressures that life brings our way.

I think that God has a good sense of humor.  After all...have you ever seen a Blobfish?  No?  How about a Tapir, a Hagfish, or a Star-nosed Mole? When I see the portrait entitled Laughing Jesus...I have to smile.  It makes me feel good to believe that our Lord enjoyed a good laugh.

Laughter is good medicine.  It’s good for the soul.  It helps us to keep life in perspective...in balance.  Without it...well, I’d rather not think about a life without humor and laughter.  It is part of what brings joy to life.

All that being said...and in honor of April Fool’s Day...I want to open up the reply area below to any and all who can tell of some great practical jokes that they’ve played on others, or which have been played on them.  To get you started, check out this April Fool’s gag website.