ReGroup: Training Groups to be Groups

ReGroup is one of our primary resources to help new small groups get off to a good start.  It is a DVD driven 4-week curriculum with a supplemental disk that is full of great tips for handling specific issues that arise in the life of a small group.

The sessions that make up the core curriculum are:

  1. Getting Connected - God's Purpose for Small Groups
  2. Five Habits of Life-Changing Groups
  3. Setting the Ground Rules
  4. Determining Your Group's Purpose

We have multiple copies of this curriculum if your group would like to borrow a copy.  If yours is not a new group, watching these sessions is a good way to reground your people in the principles of healthy group relationships.  Both disks contain dramatized examples of the specific matters under discussion.  ReGroup is entertaining as well as informative in nature.

Click on the link below for a PDF of the summary for the 16 tips that are included on disk #2 of this curriculum.

Small Group Tips

Click here to learn more about ReGroup and view a promo video from the publisher, Zondervan.