Heaven Series Curriculum Options

If you wish to do a "Heaven" curriculum with your group during our sermon series, we are recommending a few different resources for your consideration.

The first one is a DVD curriculum based on the N.T. Wright book, Surprised by Hope.  This is a six-session study with a participant guide.  You can purchase this from CBD or in the GroupLife Center on the weekend.  The total cost is $21.11 + shipping from Amazon. You may also order it through the GroupLife Center for $28.  Your group would only need one participant guide to lead the discussion.  We are happy to assist with part, or the full cost of the curriculum should your group need it.


A second resource is the book and study guide for the Randy Alcorn book, Heaven.  The 96 page guide is designed to follow Alcorn's book chapter by chapter with questions and answers from that material.  You may buy it online from CBD for $21 + shipping.  For this option to be meaningful, each member of the group should have both of these books.


A third resource that you may wish to consider for your small group is a DVD that features a three-part interview and a fourth Q&A session with Heaven author Randy Alcorn and comes with a basic outline of discussion questions based on the interview.  The videos run about 12-17 minutes in length.  The topics of these interviews are:

1.  What is heaven? 2.  Misconceptions about heaven. 3.  Longing for heaven.

Click here to view a preview of this DVD option.

There is no charge for this third curriculum, which may be picked up in the GroupLife Center.