Diving Deeper...

As a small group leader, one of your primary responsibilities is to help your group members in their spiritual journey with Christ.

As we enter 2011, take some time to find out how they are doing with their daily devotions...talk to them about practical ways to get into their Bible so that the Lord is able to speak into their lives.

Perhaps a good way to start is to talk about what Bible that each person is using.  Is it a Bible that they are comfortable with and can understand easily?  Does it have good study aids (maps, character profiles, timelines, etc.)?  Let each person in the group share what their Bible means to them...how they read it, how often they read it, and so forth.  You may want to offer them some suggestions on translations or paraphrased Bibles that will help them more easily get into reading it on a regular basis.

One (of many) Bibles that you could recommend is The Message Bible, pictured here.

Many people find the contemporary language of this version to be very easily understood.  We are working on creating a Bible display section in the GroupLife Center that will allow people to look at a variety of Bibles to see what might work best for them.

Another helpful component of a daily quiet time is the use of some type of devotional aid.  Ask your group members what devotional they use, if any.  There are a great variety of devotionals available...and they are all designed in one way or another to help a person think upon their relationship with God...as well as to find ways to bring their faith to life through Christ-centered action.  McLane Church offers two devotionals to our people.  The first is Our Daily Bread, published by Radio Bible Class.  This is a decent starter devotional for people who are relatively early in their spiritual journey.  The other is a customized devotional that is written for each of the McLane sermon series.  This publication is specifically designed to take the message of the week and help bring application of the Scripture into the life of the reader.  Both of these devotionals are available at the ministry services center in the front of the church.

We hope that you enjoy the challenge of taking your group members to the next level in this way.  Everyone is at a different place...and part of your leadership role is to help each of them move on from where they are and to find out what God has in store for them next.  What better time to do this than at the start of a new year?

If you have any questions, or wish to have some additional help with this, you can touch base with your coach, and of course you can always stop by the GroupLife Center or drop us an email with your thoughts.