The Prince of Peace

The first sermon in our Epic Christmas series (the first week of Advent) emphasized God’s sovereign plan in Mary and Joseph’s life even when they were suddenly sent from their home to live in Egypt.  What they thought they understood about God and how he was going to use them and their new baby Jesus was not playing out the way they had expected.

I was reading in Micah 4 this past week and saw Scripture emphasizing the same point:

These blasphemers have no idea what God is thinking and doing in this.  They don't know that this is the making of God's people, that they are wheat being threshed, gold being refined.

The simple truth is that we don’t know what God is thinking and doing in some situations.  There are times we do and times we don’t.  I’m seeing more clearly that the secret is to trust God and follow behind his lead, because he is always interested in refining my character and honing me as a part of his family.  A growing trust in Jesus is to love him more and to relax in the journey of life.  I think this I why he is the Prince of Peace.

The challenges of my life come from many places, some of them good and some of them bad, but to know that God always wants my best is a source of strength and comfort.  Isaiah 50:10 says:

For anyone out there who doesn’t know where you’re going,

Anyone groping in the dark,

Here’s what:  Trust in God.

Lean on your God!