New Beginnings...

It's Monday morning, and I’m sitting at Tim Horton’s having lunch, thinking ahead to the new men’s ministry that begins Thursday morning...and wondering what God has in store for the guys who have said that they’ll be coming out for it.

As of right now, we have 57 men who have signed up for this opportunity to come out at 6AM each week.  That’s almost five dozen guys who are up for a cup of hot coffee, some donuts and bagels...and processing their lives with other men.  That in itself might just be a “God thing!”  I’m excited about the prospect of what this gathering of men can mean over time. I wonder...out of this many registrations, how many will actually come?

Awhile ago Bill Cox shared with his Men’s Fraternity leadership team the story of how God got his attention to begin leading a men’s ministry.  It’s pretty amazing how the Lord can let you know in no uncertain terms (some would call it a “string of coincidences”) what He wants.  Bill scrambled to pull his team together and jump-started Men’s Fraternity in much less time than is recommended by the creator of the MF materials.  But when God’s timing is NOW, He can cause things to move quickly.  Let’s see what happens Thursday...


It’s Thursday morning, and I am sitting here in wonderment, having just experienced 57 men coming out at 6 o’clock this morning.  Bill’s introductory message has set the stage for a very challenging season of digging deep to learn what authentic manhood is all about.  After Bill spoke, the guys very quickly got down to serious discussion about themselves.  I was moved by the authentic desire of each man at my table to discover something important about himself.  One is wondering how to transition into the retirement years.  Another wonders how to be a role model to his two young boys, demonstrating what it means to be a man.  A third, how to move off of "coasting mode" and get back in the game to help other men.  A fourth, how to overcome having grown up without a father (male role model) in the home.  Wow....these guys are hungry for God, and all that He has for them.

And God got them all out of bed this morning.  57 registrations....57 attendees.  Now that’s pretty amazing!

The sign should read: “God at work.”

Stand thinks that big things lie ahead.