Holding Nothing Back...

It’s October 16, 2010 in my Daily Message Bible.  It’s not really October 16…it’s October 28, 2010, but I’m a little behind.  Oops.  Anyway, I’m reading in the book of Jeremiah.  I’m pretty far into the book and so far everything that Jeremiah said, has come true.  It’s pretty obvious at this point that Jeremiah has been listening to God.

Some people (army officials, led by Johanan and Jezaniah, and all the remaining people in Judah) come to him and ask him to help them know what to do.  They ask him to seek God and speak into their lives.  Jeremiah agrees and says, “I’ll tell you everything, holding nothing back.”

The “take-away question” for me to think about was: Name one person in your life who will “tell you everything, holding nothing back.”  Do you see this person as an asset or a liability in your life?  Why?

There is so much to evaluate about my life when I ask myself this.  Who is ‘for me’ that I can trust?  And does this person know me completely?  The good, bad and ugly?  And do they seek God first in their own life?  Are they as ‘dialed in to God’ as Jeremiah was?  Does their life replicate the righteousness of God?  And are they going to gently, but honestly tell me the truth, without holding back?

And, will I hear, understand and evaluate what they say?  Will I evaluate it with maturity and submissiveness to God’s work through this process?  Am I willing to be molded by these moments of vulnerability?

These are such good questions to ask myself regularly.  I find it takes daily effort on my part to hear from Godly people and be changed by it.  Is that your experience?