The Character of a Woman

Being a person of good and growing character, especially as a woman, has been a fascinating and sometime challenging journey for me. While everyone, male or female, has to develop “character tools,” I feel that successful women have to have a flexible adeptness that is uncommon to men.  I’ve been fascinated by the broad repertoire of skills  that a women is required to build.   Women, if they are going to be both gentle and strong, a servant to others and an influencer in the world, have to carefully measure each situation and communication with wisdom and courage.

There are several women who have helped me along the way.  My mom was a missionary and teacher.  She worked outside the home with a full time job, but she continually served others and led volunteer ministries.  My friend Jackie, whom I met in the middle of rearing pre-school and elementary age kids, told me that I was learning valuable skills of multi-tasking, team building and effective communication that were invaluable to by “character toolbox.”  For the past 20 years I have been mentored from a distance by women who lead in ministry.   Ruth Graham, Jill Briscoe and Nancy Beach are among my favorites.  I’m currently reading a book called “Gifted to Lead” by Nancy Beach which is challenging me to carefully manage the story of my life, including the fact that I am a woman.

I wonder if anyone else finds the dynamics of being a woman fascinating.  What will help women develop a flexible adeptness of character tools?