The Lord's Supper

We would like to extend to small group leaders the opportunity of serving communion.  Small group leaders embody “Every Member a Minister” (core value #6) and we believe this extends to the communion sacrament.  In serving communion, we stand like Paul in passing on the sacrament of Jesus’ shed blood and broken body to the people of our community.  Paul instructed that we do this with hearts of thanksgiving and worship that honor Jesus.

The elements will be prepared in advance by Becky Hess and Chris Houser (our communion team leaders).  You will simply serve the elements at the front of the church as people came forward.  Arriving a half hour before the service will allow you to review final instructions with Becky and Chris.

To make things simple, we will be calling you to create the communion weekend schedule.

Many of you have done this over the past couple of years.  Thank you.  Thank you for “passing on what you have received from the Lord” (I Corinthians 11:23).

If you have an questions, please contact Becky Hess at 734-5010.