Leadership Entropy vs. Openness

I recently enjoyed some new insights about “The Care and Development of a Leader,” by Dr. Henry Cloud.  It was challenging to me both as a leader and as I lead leaders.  Henry started his talk with the Law of Entropy, a law that applies to all of us.  Basicly, he stated that we will get worse over time, our crazy parts will get crazier.  In other words, if I am alone in my life, in my thinking, actions, beliefs, etc., I will get worse, not better.

However, the Law of Entropy only applies to a closed system.  When the system is open, things get better.  With new sources of energy, things and people can grow.  An open system allows for wisdom to be applied to a leader’s life so they can become better and the crazies get less.

Some of the things that leaders need are support, observation, integration, stretching, skill development, healing and internalization.  And they must get those things from other leaders who are “for” them, who are invested in the leader’s well-being.  To be coached and helped by someone who has experience in leadership and who has built something larger is immeasurably helpful to a leaders’ growth.  Leadership has unique challenges that can only be understood by someone who has done it.  Between leaders of good character who share a “for you” culture, there can be the benefit of the hard conversations that address the challenges and failures.  That is not the fun part, but it is the part that pays off good dividends.

Thermodynamics, leadership and the Church all coming together!  Pretty cool, huh!

I like it because it reminds me why God designed us to live in community, even when it is hard work and requires a plan.  So if you’re a leader, I hope for your sake and mine, that you are open and contributing to a growing circle of good character leaders who share a “for you” culture.