Having Fun Yet? Your Stories - Ch. 1

This is the first in hopefully a series of stories about what McLane small groups are doing this summer.  We hope that you'll take a moment to drop us a note (and add some pictures too!) with news of what's happening with your gang. IMG_2399

Roger & Sue Scarlett hosted a picnic for their group last weekend at their home on Edinboro Lake.  Of course, the locale begged for water-based activities.  With the weather somewhat in question, the gathering began with folks hanging out and swapping summer stories in the Adirondack chairs by the water.  A couple of the guys decided that having a water balloon battle would be a good thing, so up to the house they went to build the artillery.

When the weather brightened up, Roger uncovered the ski boat and took some of the group and a couple of the kids out for tubing and wakeboarding.  The wakeboard is kind of a cross between skis and a kneeboard...and looks a lot like a snowboard.  Josh Scarlett was getting his share of water time while learning the finer points of jumping the wake (it's the coming

Kirsten bites the dust!

down part that's tricky...and often a bit wet!).  Next it was Kirsten Jackson's turn...and she wanted to tube.  When her ride was just a bit too mundane, Josh "cracked the whip" with the boat...sending Kirsten flying out to the side of the wake, much to the satisfaction of all on board.  Roger caught the result on camera.  Great wipe-out, Kirsten!

As the boat was drifting offshore, some of the rest of the gang...led by Sue Scarlett...got busy with the balloon artillery and began bombing us in the boat and on the innertube (see pic on the homepage of the website).  The artillery folks were being taunted without mercy by the boat folks as they tried desperately to aim with accuracy.  A couple of the balloons found their target, and the landlubbers rejoiced as the balloons exploded on their victim.


Dinner was great picnic fare...Smith's hotdogs, cheeseburgers, an assortment of salad dishes and yummy desserts.  More story swapping and planning for our next get-together in July.  Then back out to the lakefront to digest our picnic as the sun began it's dip toward the horizon.  A final boat ride capped off the day at dusk and was the perfect ending to a great time together with good friends.