Leadership Jitters - Getting Over the Hump

So...you've accepted the offer to lead a small group.  Or, maybe you've taken an apprentice position.  Now what?  How can you overcome your "deer in the headlights" feeling?

First of all, understand that you are NOT out there on a tightrope, all by yourself!  You are part of the McLane GroupLife ministry team with a support structure and resources that are designed to help you succeed in this exciting new venture.

Here are some of the ways that you can get help to lead your group well.

1.  Staff support.  Tavia and Roger are available to listen to your concerns or questions and offer some ideas and suggestions.  With many years of experience and training in small group ministry, they are ready to help you over these early days of uncertainty.  To set up a time to talk with either of them, call the GroupLife Center at 734-1907 ext. 27, or drop us an email at grouplife@mclanechurch.org

2.  Leadership Resources.  Our GroupLife Center library has a whole shelf devoted to books for leadership training.  We also provide all of our leaders with a free book specifically written for small group leaders.  Also, you will find many small group studies from various publishers and the McLane sermon series curriculum to help you with your decision on what your group will use.

3.  Leader Events.  McLane GroupLife is continually working on new ways to have leadership meetings, workshops, retreats, etc. in order to provide additional training opportunities for our leaders.  Stay tuned for information about upcoming events, and feel free to share your thoughts on what kinds of information would be helpful for your own leadership development.

4. Weekly e-Newsletter.  Each week we send out the GroupLife News, full of information for our leaders.  Leadership tips, curriculum ideas, news of what's happening around our church, news of resources in the GroupLife Center, blogs from Tavia and Roger, and more are included in this weekly communication to keep you informed.

5.  Dedicated Website.  Our main church website has an area for our small group ministry.  In addition to that we have an additional website dedicated for our group leaders.  This website is the location where the articles from the GroupLife News are maintained and supplemented.  This is a fully interactive site, and your participation is encouraged!  Feel free to comment on anything you read on this site and let us know how we can continue to improve what we are offering.

Finally, know that Tavia and Roger pray for you and the rest of our small group leaders on a regular basis.  We encourage you to pray for yourself as well, leaning in on God to help you with this exciting new challenge in your spiritual journey.  Our desire is to see how God is growing in your life as you allow Him to bless your leadership.

If you have a moment, check out the video below as John Burke shares some thoughts on where you are at right now.