Leadership F.A.Q.

What is an apprentice leader?

    An Apprentice leader is someone from within your group who demonstrates leadership abilities and agrees to share some of the group leadership responsibilities. The goal for all apprentice leaders is preparation to lead their own group.

How do I pick an apprentice?

    The apprentice should be a member of your group who shows leadership potential & is pursuing a growing relationship with God.

What do I do about childcare?

    • Children remain present with adults for the entire meeting (may work with some studies and with older children).
      Children remain present with adults for a portion of the meeting, and then break into a separate group in a separate room rotating parents leading a group for the children.
      Each parent arrange in home care for the children.
      Parents arrange for a care giver for the small group children (recommend no more than 8 children).
      Participants from other groups coordinate care between groups (one that meet different time of the week) rotate to provide childcare for your group, which returns the service.
      Parents meet alternate weeks in different groups (woman’s study – men’s study).
  1. Below you will find several suggestions that have worked for many parents who are committed to a Small Group over the years.

What if we can’t meet at my house?

    Groups may meet at another group member’s home. We actually encourage rotating homes or having another group member besides the leader host. We have found it promotes participation and encourages knowing each other in a real-life setting.

Can we meet at McLane Church?

    We strongly encourage community group to meet in homes. Because our building is so heavily used, options for meeting at McLane’s church building are limited and based on room availability. Please contact (814) 734-1907 for information.

What if I need to change or cancel a meeting date?

    Be sure to clearly communicate all changes concerning time and date with the entire group.

Do I have to provide refreshments at every meeting?

    Everyone in the group should take turns providing refreshments for group meetings.