Where IS the sun....or....Son?

Roger Profile Picture Have you ever noticed the impact that our weather at this time of year has on our general temperament or sense of well-being?  Bill Cox, who had a short vacation last week, mentioned the influence on his spirit of flying to sunny Texas after having been enveloped in several weeks of snow and cold in NW Pennsylvania.  It’s like setting a captive free (my words, not Bill’s)!

If you are one who really struggles at this time of year…take heart!  Spring and summer ARE coming!  We will get through this!

I recently spent some time with a person who is dealing with a number of things, including depression (not brought on by weather).  Having been through a season of depression in my own life, I understand the sense one has of despair…that things won’t change…that life may not be worth living.  It’s kind of like one of those days when the sky is overcast…dark gray…and the rain is drizzling for a day or two.  It seems like it will never end.  But if you take off in a jet and pierce those clouds – the sun is bright and shining and those gray clouds?  They’re white as cotton and the “landscape” is glorious as far as the eye can see.

It’s a matter of perspective.  From the underside, the weather looks hopeless.  From the topside, God’s creation is lit with the warmth and brightness of His beautiful sun.  There will come another day when those clouds depart and that sun washes the gray away down below as well.

In the same way, I shared with this person who was struggling with their depression that, even though it is grim and appears hopeless from where they are now…the truth is that God loves them and will bring them through it to a better day.  Hang on to His hand, even when you can’t sense Him hanging back on to yours.  That’s what faith is…walking not by sight.  Believing in God and His Word when we don’t feel it.  We need to read the promises He has given us in the Bible.  Stand on it’s truth.  Many people experience that “dark night of the soul.”  It’s a hard place to be.  But this too shall pass…and there will be better days to come.

So if you are struggling with a sense of malaise that is seasonally based, or maybe it is caused by conditions that are physical, economic, or something else in nature…don’t give up the hope that we have in Jesus Christ.  Not just hope for our eternal salvation…but that He is with you here and now and will walk with you through the valley and back out to the green pastures.

Winter may be here now….but Spring’s on its way!