Roger Profile Picture I'm sitting in Edinboro in the midst of about three feet of snow (I'll leave it to you to decide if that's a good or bad thing....personally, I like it!) while Tavia has left for about two weeks of "fun in the sun" with her family down in Brazil - where today it is to be 88 degrees!  That has me thinking of the variety of contrasts that we experience...even within the church.

Think of the differences...even within McLane Church...of rural vs. urban ministry.  We serve a variety of constituencies...with needs very different in some ways, and yet united in our need for a Savior.

There are many other contrasts between churches...denominations (mainline vs. non-denominational); size (under 50 members vs. 20,000+); ethnicities (English speaking vs. non-English speaking).  You can slice it many different ways.  And yet we are all on the same team - serving the Lord in a variety of ways that makes up the Church.  What a family we are!

It is exciting to know that there are so many branches of the family who call upon the name of Jesus.  Each different from each snowflakes are...and yet each serving a purpose in God's plan for the world.

Even within our own church we find such a variety of people...everyone having their own history and adding their own distinctive "flavor"...and all serving our Lord side-by-side to help accomplish our mission and live into the vision of McLane Church.  In a world where people often try to distinguish themselves from others, the Church strives for unity that overarches the differences that we have from one another...all to the glory of God, and so that those outside the church will know that Jesus is Lord.  (see John 17).

So as we come alongside of people who are different from ourselves...either in our small group, serving in the kitchen, or sitting next to one another in worship...let's enjoy the fact that we are indeed brothers and sisters, united by the shed blood of Jesus...and called to be a part of His plan to reach our region with the Good News of the Gospel!