I've been wondering....

IMG_1708 I’ve been wondering lately what it would take to create a “culture of apprenticeship” at McLane Church.  By that I mean that the expectation of our groups would be to have a group member practicing leadership with the intent of leading another group….where this is celebrated as the selfless act that it is!  A culture where it is natural for you to intentionally model, train, and teach how to lead a small group.  Wouldn’t we all be better leaders if this became a core value?  Wouldn’t the “temperature” and purpose of our time together in group be raised to a new level?  What could be better than to have someone who we have loved and encouraged and enjoyed now stepping comfortably into the challenge of leading a small group of people in their spiritual growth?

I think we have a church-wide culture of growth and life-change.  I like that we have a grassroots dialogue of discipleship happening…and I think it is happening.  The heartbeat of that dialogue is what takes place in small groups under your careful and loving leadership.  This is the essential component of life-change at McLane and it is beautiful, in and of itself.  It is truly the heart of our church and the best of what we offer to God.

In apprenticeship, I’m simply talking about the more specific training of someone in the art and craft of small group leadership.  And I’m asking myself the question, how do we create this value, this culture, where individuals find themselves motivated to train themselves with the goal of shepherding others in their spiritual development?

This dialogue is what we started at the recent S2 meetings.  We only started…it’s a big topic and there was not enough time to have leisurely conversation and dreaming - brainstorming and problem solving - around this topic.  But I think it is worth envisioning and talking about.  So, if you want and if the Holy Spirit prompts you, I’d invite you share your thoughts with me, and the team, by jotting them in the comments section right below this posting.  Together, we might get somewhere…maybe even to a place of “apprenticeship culture”.

- Tavia