Home Sweet Home

Front PorchHi Everyone!

Cheers!  The McLane Myer Moving Project was perfectly completed last evening when Daryl and Heidi arrived at their new home in Union City!  Becky Hess had a crock pot with a warm supper ready for them and homemade decorated cookies on the table.  The perfect touch for a warm welcome!


Thank you to so many of you who poured yourselves into this project!  We accomplished a lot in a short amount of time.  By Saturday night we had the new bedding, new pillows, and new lamps in their proper places.  The clothes were in the dressers and shoes were on the newly painted shoe rack in the renovated side entryway.  The paint had Rockerdried on the new pegboards and door, safety plugs had been put in the outlets, and latches on the kitchen cabinets.  The washer and drier and playground set were ready for a busy, active family.

As I drove away the final time on Saturday, knowing how family-ready the house was, I was humbled and amazed at what our team had accomplished.  You guys have been amazing!  I can honestly say that in my 18 Front Dooryears at McLane Church this has been one of the best moments in our history.  The generosity, the physical and time sacrifices so many families made, and the skills you contributed were a testimony of how the body of Christ can powerfully effect change in ordinary ways.


Thank you for the food, the furniture, the cleaning, the supplies, the fixing, and carrying you have done.  Thank you.  I know I am different and better for having been a part of this project.  Thank you.  Thank you for not ruling yourself out of this project, but fully engaging where God opened the door for your service.


Here is a picture of the new bed for Daryl and Heidis room.  It got finished this week and we are thrilled with how it turned out (It used to be two footboard, but with the modifications of a good carpenter it is now a headboard and footboard!).  Next week we will give Daryl and Heidi whatever money we have collected for a new mattress so they can go pick out their new mattress  and comforter.  If you are interested in contributing, please write a check to McLane Church, mark it Mattress Fund and put it in a similarly marked envelope.  You can turn it in during the week at the front desk or in the offering this weekend.

PillowThank you so much.  Humbly and sincerely,