Erie visioncast weekend 2015 : message in 8 tweets!

10455293_798562446848142_4338969477753255712_n 1. Our effectiveness as a church doesn't depend on the building we're in, but the mission we're committed to. #McLaneSocial

2. Our mission at McLane Church : To eliminate barriers to give people access to Christ #McLaneSocial

3. The #CHURCH is never a building, it's PEOPLE! #McLaneSocial

4. All throughout scripture, God reminds people that WE are the resource He primarily wants to use! #McLaneSocial

5. Part of living with a mission-mindset means doing what's BEST and trusting God to handle the rest.  #McLaneSocial

6. A church full of "mission-minded" people will TRANSFORM A REGION! #McLaneSocial

7.  Let’s see how inventive we can be in encouraging love+helping out, not avoiding worshiping together but spurring each other on #McLaneSocial

8. What is God calling you to?  Is today the day to say, "I'm IN?" #McLaneSocial

#McLaneSocial and #MEETMEatMCLANE