My Story : "I decided to GO" in 10 tweets

my_story640 1. Sometimes the best decision you can make is to GO when it would be easier to STAY.

2. To step toward your destiny, sometimes you have to step away from your security.

3. To go where you’re supposed to go, you’ll need the faith to leave where you’re at.

4. You have no idea what you’ll miss out on if you don’t obey when God is calling you to GO!

5. Based on what God wants you to want, what step of faith do you need to take? 

6. God didn’t call us to an EASY life, he called us to a FAITH FILLED life. 

7. Without Faith, it’s impossible to please God. 

8. You don’t have to have the faith to FINISH, you just have to have the faith to TAKE THE FIRST STEP.  

9. Your story will be either, BY FAITH I STARTED, or by FEAR I STAYED. 

10. Don't live to take the edge off your fear, live to put the edge on your faith. 

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