"Could this be true?" : this weekend's message 7 in tweets

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 7.45.30 PM 1. We can miss incredible opportunities when we ignore God's promptings.

2. The Holy Spirit often moves in us through POWER, PROMPTINGS and PEACE!  

3. Through the Holy Spirit's intercession and power, our lives become re-ordered, to be in harmony with Gods will and plan.

4. The Holy Spirit prays on my behalf because God always knows what I need...even when I don't know what I need.

5. When the Holy Spirit prays on my behalf, God listens!

6. The will of God is the PERFECT plan for my life.  If I could see the big picture like God does, I'd never hesitate to choose it!

7. God has the power to work EVERYTHING together for good...not just the good things in my life.  

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