Generations unite. Don't miss a great opportunity in front of you!

IMG_1384 1920117_949633938399050_67831668494177551_n What does it take to bring generations together?

This is a question I've asked a lot lately...because in the past 3 days, I've found myself at two different events that brought together at least 3 generations of people respectively!

Strange.  This is not the norm in my life!

The two photos above provide a snapshot of these 2 events...

Let me go into more detail:

Event 1 was a guitar clinic that we put on at our church taught by a world class player, Josh Karickhoff.  It was aimed at giving practical tools to anyone interested in becoming a better guitar player.  Kids, parents and grandparents all came together to be inspired and equipped to grow in their musicianship!

Event 2 was a "Christmas carol-sing" put on by our local MOPS program at a nearby retirement home.  Our Mothers of Pre-Schoolers (and their children) wanted to serve our community by bringing Christmas cheer / and beloved toddler-chaos to a facility that doesn't get to experience the latter on a daily basis.  :) New borns were cradled by grandparents, moms and dads sat beside their moms and dads...and youngsters exchanged hugs and hi-fives with old timers!  It was an awesome display!

As I had a front row seat to both events, what warmed my heart the most was seeing multiple generations enjoying time together.  In a fast-paced and myopically-focused world, it's sometimes difficult to see how blessed we are when we get to share an experience with multiple generations.  

Think of those your work with, go to school with, commute with, chat on Facebook with, eat meals with, go to church with (gasp), and look forward to being with...  Now, how many of these events will put you with more than 2 generations?

If you're like me...maybe not many of them.  Yet...these are what take up most of our time.

So what brings multiple generations together?  In the case of my experiences this week, I can see two unique threads:

1) An open invitation ... and 2) a common interest

Part of what I love about this season is that it it is SATURATED with open invitations and common interests.  In this season, you can experience holiday parties, family gatherings, community service opportunities, dinners, worship services...and MORE!

When these open invitations and common interests are accepted and explored with intentionality, we are enriched!

Here's what I know.  We're all part of the same family...and we've got so much to learn from one another.  Generations can take their cues of what to-do and what not to-do from the generations that came before them.  Not only that, but we're given the opportunity to love and spread hope to the generations that will come after us, should we accept that opportunity!

We cannot do this if we're solely entrenched with our contemporaries.  With humity and respect, with a heart willing to learn...and with the boldness to step out of what may be comfortable and convenient, we can LEARN SO MUCH FROM THE GENERATIONS AROUND US!

You live uniquely positioned between the generations your are in the middle of for a reason.  Have you ever stopped to consider this?

As you make your plans to prepare for Christmas this year, consider how you'll best spend your time.  Maybe this year, try to include more activities that involve open invitations and common interests!

This is part of what Christmas is all about:  ALL people from EVERY generation being INVITED to celebrate and remember the story that UNITES us into one great family!