"The Horse is dead, Paul" | Vertigo Series | Message in 7 tweets!

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 9.40.11 PM "The Horse is dead, Paul" -- message in 7 tweets: 

1 - Filling the "disconnect" we feel from God with ANYTHING other than God = idolatry.

2 - Trying to "make life work" won't make us closer to God -- trusting in God, and living according to His word will!

3 - Even if we attend church every weekend, we can still fill disconnected from God.  God wants a relationship with us everyday.

4 - Get in shape | Fix my finances | Manage my family better | Get organized | Better my education = Good things but won't bring fulfillment

5 - The more we try to on our own to make life work, the less it works.

6 - Our disconnect from God is the source of all our discontentment.

7 - A relationship with Jesus is the way to a fulfilled life and the only way to bridge our disconnect from God.

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