Vertigo : "GOT YA" in 7 tweets

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 9.24.02 AM Vertigo : "GOT YA!" in 7 tweets:

1. We are not innocent, though we point fingers. God will judge all who sin equally.

2. By pointing to the problems in others, we deflect our own attention from the problems we have.

3. Think about what your tendency to reveal others' problems says about you.

4. How we live matters... it reveals what we do with what God says.

5. Our lives aren't perfect but we should be progressively moving toward God.

6. We will be judged on "what we do," not "what we know." Walk the walk.

7. We are to to look inward and see how far from God we are. He's readying us to fully embrace the gift of God's Salvation.

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