Vertigo : Abandoned -- message in 10 tweets!

BzwWhSmIEAApURA In case you missed this past weekend : here is Vertigo Part 4 in 10 tweets!

1. Salvation = rescue from a broken way of life -- in the present as much as in the future!

2. We often try to find solutions to perceived problems while missing the real problem.

3. We were created to live in relationship with something greater.  What will you worship?

4. Idolatry = worshipping something more than our worship of God.

5. The worship of anything other than God prompts God’s anger.

6. Sin is it's own consequence

7. There is a distance we feel when we put something in our life above God.  We feel the grind of life, not the grace of worship.

8. When parts of our life aren't what we want them to be, we need to begin by asking, "Who am I listening to?"

9. Betty Crocker won’t appear out of nowhere and beat you with a spatula if you make the recipe wrong…God won’t either.

10. Are you eating bad cake?

To listen to the entire sermon : click HERE

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