What will YOU-HAUL with you?

Uhaulfoto Inspiration comes in the strangest locations --

Earlier this week, I found myself in an non-typical place to blog…at our local U-Haul hub.  Seeing equal parts inspiration and challenge to blog about this adventure, I decided to put down the book I had brought and accept the challenge!

As I mused about my surroundings, I was reminded that we all want to be moving.  At our core, we ALL desire to be on a journey to somewhere.  Stagnancy can mean death…or at least boredom!  (Unless you’re in a forced stagnancy, which challenges you to MOVE…or blog about moving…ha)   A child will tell you that sitting still is not as much fun as going someplace…and deep down, we’re all just big kids.  We all want to be going somewhere!

From where I’m sitting, I can see all types of things to help people move…boxes, carts, hand trucks, cleaners, polishers, hitches, harnesses, rolls of packing tape and wheels.  What is the least common multiple of all of these?  I think it’s found in the name.  U-Haul. These things help YOU HAUL.  2 words…2 parts.

YOU:  The onus is first on YOU.  YOU must drop complacency…drop the perceived inability to guide your life toward God given dreams or goals…and step up to LIVE the life you’ve been given.  No auto pilot.  No lack of ambition.  No false-holiness of waiting for God to move you while harboring an unwillingness to move at His impulses.

Do you want to GO?  Are you ready to GO?  Have you abandoned the fear of potentially not knowing where you’re GOING?  I’ll tell you…the most exciting parts of life are found as your foot meets a solid, straight path through the fog of following a God who is trustworthy.

YOU must be ready.  YOU must be willing.  YOU start the journey away from complacency.

Next is HAUL:

HAULing is a little more complex.  Hauling requires that you begin to sift through all that you possess…to choose what you’ll take with you.  We all accumulate stuff.  Sometimes it’s purchased, given or willed to us…sometimes we’re forced to take stuff!  When we’re in the process of moving, we must first decide what’s important and then pack it up to move with us.

Before we talk about packing up what’s important, let’s spend a moment on leaving behind what’s not.  I am a saver.  I have WAY too much stuff.  I tend to hold onto things that I may never need.  Every so often (usually at my wife’s prompting…and usually every Tuesday night before the big green truck comes in the morning) I take a mini-inventory of all that I have…and compare it with what I’ve used…and what I need.  So often I find a substantial disconnect between all have and all I need…favoring on the side of all I have.  I’m learning to embrace simplicity.  As simplistic living eliminates the distraction of things, it simultaneously fuels a greater emphasis on experiences.  We can live with a lot less than we think!  With a lot less STUFF…we can do a lot more LIVING.  There are lots of good and bad non-essentials that we can let go of when we’re moving.  We must be selective and shrewd to only keep what’s important.  Moving is a GREAT excuse to take inventory and get rid of what’s unimportant.

Next, it’s time to pack up what’s been selected as essential to move…aka let the game of “Life-Tetris” commences!

The goal is to fit all of our “essentials” into as small and secure of a space as possible.

We begin categorizing all that we’re taking with us.  The fragile things take extra care and get the most attention.  The larger and heavier things, we place on the bottom.  We then fill in all of the odd spaces with the odd things that make up our lives.

Soon, everything we care about is packed together into one bundle of all that we desire to take with us…or as Bono says, “all that you can’t leave behind.”  I think that phrase has special relevance when moving!

And when we’re all packed up, there is a feeling that comes over us, unique to any other feeling we experience.  I’m sure you can describe it better than I can.  You’ve felt it…its a mixture of feelings.  For me, this feeling is one of completeness, readiness, adventure, uncertainty and a little sadness yet dominated by gratitude and a hope for what’s to come.  (Clear as mud…I know)

Once everything is “in the box” so to speak, YOU HAUL and the adventure continues.

I’ve heard it said that life isn’t a destination, it’s a journey.  On this journey, what YOU HAUL can speed-up or slow-up your journey.

On this journey you’re on, what will YOU HAUL with you?

Sometimes inspiration comes in the strangest of locations :)