An outward expression of an inward change...BAPTISM!

baptism2009b-344x250 There is NOTHING in this world more powerful to witness, than God changing a life!

In EACH AND EVERY one of us, God wants to do a good work...He wants to fix and fit the broken pieces of our life back together.   He desires for each of us to experience real LIFE...and that LIFE is found behind His lead!

All across the Church, people are returning to God and declaring that they want to do life God's way...and when we turn to Him, He starts a redeeming (fixing, life-giving, eternal) work inside of us.

If this is YOUR story, than maybe NOW is the time you'd like to publicly declare just that!  Scripture declares that we demonstrate this desire to live behind Jesus's lead by getting baptized!

Our next baptism at McLane Church Erie will be on Sunday, October 5th.

Would you like to be baptized?

If so, fill out the form locate HERE -- and we'll make sure the whole church celebrates along side of you the change God is doing inside of you!

For more information about baptism, visit

And now why do you wait? Rise and be baptized and wash away your sins, calling on his name. - Acts 22:16