Life's lemonade.


One tall polka-dotted glass begs that you fill it with lemonade…especially in the month of August.  Feeling like summer was starting to slip away, I decided to hold on a little longer and make some lemonade.

We have this home-made recipe that we’ve made countless times to bring refreshment and relive the calm idealism of kids, lemonade and all that summer should stands for.

As I began to concoct a fresh pitcher this past week, I noticed something interesting about this familiar recipe.  I noticed it because I was thinking about what was going on in my life at the time.  

You see, to make a GREAT tasting lemonade, according to my recipe, you need equal parts sugar and lemon-juice.  The bitter paired with the sweet.  The too-strong to stomach with the too-sweet to savor.  

As I was mixing these two together I thought about these last few years of life with incredible highs…and lows.  I thought about my boys being born and I thought about those whom I’ve loved who have passed.  I thought about painful moves in career and new opportunities that have presented themselves because of it.  I thought about times in my marriage that have been seemingly effortless and other times that were much more of a struggle.

To stay in any one of those moments would be like drinking pure lemon-juice or sugar.  A great tasting life has them both.  

If you’re in a season right now where life is too sour to stand…or too sweet to savor…keep living and stirring the pitcher, because we believe in a God who’s promised “to refresh the weary and satisfy the saint.” (Jeremiah 31:25)

Sometimes how God refreshes us…is by giving us one more day of life to temper and stir all that we’re going through to make one tall, great tasting polka-dotted glass of refreshing lemonade. 

Wherever you're at, whatever you're going through, may God give you the strength today to continue to press on.