From high above, you can see things clearly...

ChicagoOverhead Last week, my wife flew through Chicago.  As she approached the runway, she was taken back by the image above.  Through one window, she was able to see most of the 3rd largest city in the USA.  She had to capture it to share with me.  Wow!

What a perspective!  As we talked about this last night, we shared how grateful we were for perspectives like this...and for what they can teach us.

There is a BIG picture and a SMALL picture to every part of our journey in life.  In other words, there is an "on the ground" perspective...and also a birds eye view.

As we looked at this picture together, we were challenged to remember the big picture of our lives...and the perspective from which God navigates us with.

I'd love to know what this perspective speaks to you!  Feel free to share in the comments below!