How to connect with "The Church and it's 20-somethings"

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 11.03.42 AM At the conclusion of Pastor Bill's message this past weekend, we were told about the new adventure that one of our former G3 Students, Taylor Snodgrass (@taysnodgrass5) is embarking on this summer.  He and his team are setting out to explore how churches all across our nation are effectively reaching out to 20-somethings!

What an interesting journey!  Taylor, Heather and Maria noticed an alarming trend among 20-somethings in today's church and have made it their mission to discover more about it.  The trend I'm referencing is this:

According to the BARNA group,  "nearly six in ten (59%) of these young people who grow up in Christian churches end up walking away from either their faith or from the institutional church at some point in their first decade of adult life."

Here's their reaction to the data: "We see the stats.  We see the proof.  We've heard the stories.  Now we are going to go see it all for ourselves.  But instead of staying stuck on how churches are failing to reach out to our generation, we want to look at the amazing things they are doing and how they are succeeding." 

This is why they're taking the summer to travel all across our nation to meet with some of the churches who attract 20-somethings with the greatest success.

And...they're encouraging YOU to come along for the ride through social media.

To learn more about who they are -- and how to keep connected to their journey across the nation this summer, click HERE

To watch Pastor Bill's entire message entitled, "Living beyond yourself," click below

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