Companionship, meals and seizing the opportunity!

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 1.07.56 PM Companionship, meals and seizing the opportunity!

You may be interested to find out that the origin of the word "companionship" comes from two latin words: cum (meaning "with") and panis (meaning "those who break bread").

This means that the word, COMPANIONS, literally translates into "with those who eat together."

Who do you eat with?  Who are your companions?  Are you seizing the opportunities afforded by meals to get to know the people you are eating with?

We have been so blessed to have so much...and much of what we have, we can often take for granted.

We far too often miss the opportunites for physical AND non-physical nourishment that meals provide us with because we rush through them on our quest to get to the next "thing."

Sometime today, if given the opportunity...please stop, eat, and just enjoy companionship with someone.  You may find that in breaking bread together with someone, you're doing much more than just nourishing your body.

"They all ate and were satisfied" - Mark 6:42