Life looks like... a LOT of stop signs

LIFEstop-sign This morning it was BEAUTIFUL outside! On days like this, we often make it our practice to go for a walk as a family before the "crazy of the day" hits!

This is always an adventure for us, because our boys teach us many things as we experience the world together…especially as we try to teach them!  As they grow, they learn new things…and their ability to notice the nuances of the world becomes enhanced.

For instance, our oldest (Riley) has a newly developed fascination with stop signs!  Every time he sees the bright red octagonal warning mechanism, he shouts, “STOP SIGN!”  It’s super funny for us to watch!

We live in a fairly residential neighborhood with lots of side streets and our walking route tours many of them.   Until this morning, I had no idea how many stop signs there were!

Every time we rounded a corner, Riley shouted, “STOP SIGN.”  We’d walk 10 more steps and hear, “STOP SIGN!”  We just pass a stop sign he’d already be spying another one!  “STOP SIGN!”  “STOP SIGN!” … you get the picture!  THEY ARE EVERYWHERE it seems (or it least it seemed to us today!)

As I thought about this, I was wondering what Riley thought about the world.  He must think that all we care about is stopping!  Signs are everywhere to indicate that to him.  From his perspective, the world is full of “STOPS.”

He is too young to understand danger.  He is too young to understand rules of traffic flow.  He’s too young to discern safe traveling practices.  All he sees (with incredible frequency) are the signs that post this rule.

I then thought about what Christianity must look like to those who don’t have an understanding about how the world was created to work and function.  Without an understanding of the created order, how do God's laws look?

They must look like a lot of stop signs.

The beauty of growing and becoming more aware of the world, is that you see the meaning behind the stops.  You see the strategy and order behind them.  You see the purpose and good they serve.  They don’t remain just STOP SIGNS, they become instruments to govern order and safety and the preservation of life!

Maybe today, as you travel and see (like Riley does) the incredible number of life’s “STOP SIGNS” take a second to be thankful for these little reminders that make us aware of our surroundings, remind us to look both ways and then to proceed with caution in the precious gift of life God gives us!