Do you feel like your best days are behind you?

CLBS Do you have a case of “Chronic look-back syndrome?

(to be read like an infomercial…humor me)

Do you lie awake at night having dreams of what used to be?  Do you approach your life like the best days are already behind you?  Do you feel like your worth and potential have diminished over time?  Did you recently purchase bubble yum?

If you find yourself having one or more of these symptoms, you may discover that you have a case of “Chronic look-back syndrome” or CLBS as we’ll refer to this from hereafter.

Don’t worry.  This illness is much like the chicken pox.  Everyone has the potential to get it once…but if it’s taken care of properly, your immunity will build up making future cases unlikely.

Many people are currently suffering from CLBS...just listen to conversations going on around you.  You may even find that your family is prone to CLBS.  If you hear the words, “When I was your age…” or “there was a time when…” or “a loaf of bread or a movie cost only…” you’re most likely talking with someone who has it!  Chances are you’re in good company if you do have it!

The good news is that just as CLBS is contagious (through person to person contact) … the antidote is passed along the same way…through people!  And here’s the best part, the cure is free…and if you search deep enough inside…you’ll see that you already have it!

It’s not $19.95…you can’t double your order if you RETWEET this in the next 20 minutes…and there’s no sham-wow as a bonus gift for mentioning this ad.

However, if you choose to pass the antidote along, you’ll get more in return than you’ve given away…and you’ll never run out as long as you keep using it.  In fact, your immunity will be strengthened each time you help someone infected with CLBS!   You really can’t lose.

There is hope.

A little encouragement goes a long way to someone who seems to be stuck.  Set your faith forward and know that the best days are always ahead of us!

Spread the encouragement.  Give hope.  You do not have to be stuck :)  Pass it on!

What do you do to get unstuck?