One of the most challenging passages in all of scripture - and a preview of this weekend!


This Sunday, our "Defying Gravity" series continues with one of the MOST CHALLENGING passages in all of scripture.  (Malachi 1:6-14) You have to check it out! 

Just to read through these few short verses brings to light many overwhelming thoughts. The one that continues to remain paramount for me is "What are we offering to God?"  

Take a moment and let's make this personal.  We learned last week that God is most concerned with the condition of our, let's consider our hearts again:  Think of your prayer life.  Think of how you serve.  Think of your time, money, energy, relationships, the BEST OF YOUR LIFE...and consider what you give to God in light of these verses.



I'm incredibly challenged.  I hope you are too.  I think that's the beginning of what God's wants to speak to us through this message!

This Sunday's worship service will look much different than our usual worship experiences in light of this teaching.  

Set your alarm so that you can get to church early!  Come ready to be challenged...and come ready to give God your best.  

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