The "I should have sooner" story...and other tragedies!

Ishouldhavea familiar story - I'm no advocate for speedy life changing decisions...believe me.  Rather, I think all things should be carefully weighed out and prayed about before decisions are made...especially when you deal with the big stuff like career, spouse, large purchases, child's names, pet names (haha)... etc....

However,  if you're like me, you've heard the following line a time or two: "...I knew I was being called into (blank) but I didn't listen at first."  In fact, you've probably even used that line a time or two in describing something you knew you should have done but didn't do right away.

I'm totally there with you.  However, today, I heard that line again and it is resonating with me in a different way.  The thought I'm dwelling on is one of gaining clear direction and then postponing action.  Hmm.

How many opportunities do we miss when we hesitate to do something we know we should do...or even postpone our calling?  How many blessings do we never get to see because we delay in taking action?  How much enthusiasm do we lose when we marinate on something we know in our gut to be true and then talk ourselves out of it?  Worse yet, how much excitement of our own personal story is lost when we fail to act after being instructed to by God?

I'm inspired when I read the stories of Jesus calling His disciples.  Jesus simply asked Matthew, James, Peter and John to follow him and without thinking twice, they left everything.  There was no hesitation.  There was no stuttering.  They were quick to obey...and because of it, the disciples were able to see and experience some of the most amazing things that had ever taken place in the world's history.

Matthew 9:9 shows a great example of this!  It says, "As Jesus went on from there, he saw a man named Matthew sitting at the tax collector's booth. "Follow me," he told him, and Matthew got up and followed him."

God called, Matthew obeyed...enough said.  His story wasn't laced with  "I should haves"...rather it was seasoned with "do you remember when-s."

Oh, for our stories to echo the same type of obedience!

Maybe today you find yourself here.  How will you respond?

May we never gain clear direction and postpone action.