Today's events with Jim Cymbala!

This morning I had the awesome opportunity to experience a seminar from Pastor and author, Jim Cymbala of the Brooklyn Tabranacle. He is spending the day in our area talking about the power of prayer.  Today's event is in preparation for the upcoming "Rock the Lakes" festival which will anchor in our city this  fall!  Jim's message was a simple one, but one that cut to the core.

Before I give you a seed of his teaching, I want to say that I always enter into these types of gatherings with a guarded heart.  It's best practice to step back from the hype - quiet your heart - pray for wisdom and discernment - and ask God to show you what's true about the things that will be presented to you through the lens of scripture.  We need to be cautious of what goes "into" us so that what "comes out" of us will be good and true.

(On a sidenote, Pastor Cymbala started his talk today with humility...and in my book...that's a GREAT place to start)

Jim continued by giving a passionate, yet humble call to return to prayer.  He advocated for each of us to repair and maintain the vital connection between the Church (corporately and individually) and God.  He called on the leaders of Erie's churches to remain true to the call that Jesus Christ gave the Church to seek out those far from God and share with them the words of "new life!"  We are to do this...led by the Spirit, empowered by the Spirit, waiting on the Spirit and depending on the Spirit of God.   What a message...and what a challenge to each of us!

I'm excited for what this message will continue to speak to the hundreds of people who will attend tonight's prayer gathering at the Cathedral Prep Auditorium.

If you're free tonight, consider checking out Pastor Cymbala as he speaks at tonight's PrayErie event.  This event is free -- it's at 7PM at Cathedral Prep.


Let's pray ... and see what God does!