Why does God ask us questions?

WhyDoesGodaskSo often in scripture we see God posing questions to people.  Doesn't this strike you as weird?  I've been thinking about this a lot lately.   Check it out...here are some of my favorite God-questions:

In Genesis 3:9, God asks, "Where are you?" to Adam.

In Genesis 3:11, God asks again, "Who told you that you were naked?"

In Job 38:4, God asks Job, "Where were you when I laid the foundations of the Earth?"

In Jonah 4:4, God says to Jonah, "Is it right for you to be angry about this?"

....finally, in Luke 8:45, Jesus asks, "Who touched me?"

Now, doesn't this seem like a strange thing for God to do?  (ha...now I'm asking questions...)  God knows ALL THINGS.  He's got every answer already down.  He's not looking for any NEW information...He's has it all!  So then, what is the reason for His questions?

As I thought about why God would do this, I was reminded of something that happens DAILY at my house.  Picture this -- 2 toddlers -- dinner time -- delicious boxed macaroni and cheese -- luke warm chicken tenders -- peas...you are getting the picture I'm sure.

Within 5 minutes of this scene being set, my wife or I can count on being asked the question, "Mommy (or daddy) can I get down?"  This almost always gets followed up with another question from my wife or I..."Did you finish up your food?"  Questions start flying around like crazy! ...And these questions are usually ones that everyone already knows the answer to!  Strange! :)

Here's the deal -- and where I believe these 2 thoughts line up.  I see a little of the God/man relationship found in the relationship between my kids and myself.  As a parent, I want to love, encourage and instruct my kids...while many times knowing the answers to the questions they ask me.  I don't want to just tell them answers all day long...I want them to think about their circumstances!  I want to walk them through thought processes that will help them make future decisions!

When you know all the answers...it seems that conveying answers becomes less important than creating opportunities to get the questioner thinking.

Why else would God ask us questions?  Why else would my wife and I perpetually ask our kids questions that we know the answer to?  The goal is to inspire thought.

So...take a second and think...has God been asking you any questions lately?  Have you asked God a question...and not received an answer?  Maybe He's trying to get you to think about something...