Don't fret -- just go for it.

IMG_20140206_143747In the pursuit to continue better myself, I jumped back into guitar lessons this month.  It's strange...but for me, taking lessons in one area of life often translates into life-lessons in other areas. This week in my lesson, we talked about having the confidence to "go for it" when taking a solo.  To build up confidence, first you must PRACTICE.  Know your material...know it up and down...front and back...know it until making a mistake is the exception.  Second, you've got to see the opportunity and "GO FOR IT."

This is where I often get stuck.  I can practice all day and night.  I can shut the door and play arpeggios and scales until my fingers look like corduroy pants.   And that's all good and well...but useless if you never GO FOR IT!

As my teacher shared about his early days playing a guitar, he indicated having the same types of struggles.  What got him through were 2 principles:

(1) Most scales that we'd use to solo have 3 times more right notes than wrong notes.  This means that you have a 3x greater chance of hitting the right note.  The odds of hitting a right-note are very much in your favor!  Not only that...but

(2) Even if you hit the wrong note (barring some exotic scales) are only a half-step away from the right note!  The right note only a bend away.

As I thought about these two principles, I was reminded about what makes us stuck in life.  We often fear "going for it" because we're too scared to make a mistake.  We don't want to look like (or sound like) a we stand still...remain quiet...and play it safe.  All the while  we forget to remember that our chances of succeeding may be greater than we think!  Not only that...but each mistake affords us the opportunity to move a little closer to where we need to be!  One mistakes can be a tiny calibration away from a success!

This analogy may not apply to every area of life...but for me, it's been life giving!  You can't move forward standing still.

I hope today, if you're given the opportunity to GO FOR IT...that you will.  Maybe your chances of succeeding are greater than you think...and even your mistakes can be leveraged to point you in the direction that you need to go.

Don't fret...  :)