Now that Elisha's over...what's your plan to keep moving forward?

elisha640This past weekend at McLane Church Erie, we concluded a series on the prophet Elisha called a "Tale of Ridiculous Faith." What an awesome set of messages!  All in all, we were challenged to TRUST God's plan, to MOVE FORWARD without looking back, to DIG DITCHES and prepare for God's provision, to offer God our LITTLE and let him do A LOT with it, and to get our EDGE BACK by recommitting and remembering the passion we once had!

To anchoring in any ONE of those phrases is for life to change!  Each one represents a recalibration to the way we choose to live...and has incredible potential to reset the trajectory of our lives!  I love the power in God's word to do just that.

However, here's where we get to the nuts and bolts.  At any given time, we have limited capacity to make big changes in our life.  Perhaps there is one or two truths in this series that spoke more to you than the others?  Now it's your job to take the next step and solidify their place in your life.

To help with this, I want to encourage you to make a plan!  Think through a concrete next step you can take TODAY to remember what you've pleged to do?  After that...write it down.  Place it in your pocket or on a mirror.  Set it as the wallpaper of your phone.  Set a reminder in your calendar to flash daily.  Tell a friend to help keep you accountable.  Get a tattoo... (ok...maybe that's a little extreme)! Just DO SOMETHING!

Don't let the magnitude of these set of messages disappear as the natural rhythm of life continues.   Don't forget the ground you've gained as life continues moving forward!

Praying for you today...praying that the ground you gained moving forward will continue to be gained as you continue moving forward!

To watch the entire set of messages, click HERE