Write it down...and then what? Part 1

writeitdown1 Write it down!  Write it down!  Write it down!

Ok…I’ve said it enough times.

This is a lesson that I learn (and then have to re-learn) frequently. However, each time I learn it, I’m reminded of its power!  WRITE IT DOWN!

Writing creates a concrete-ness, a solidification, a permanence to what you’re trying to express.  It gives you something to go back to when your mind is un-cluttered.  It provides you with a tangible representation of your thoughts, feelings and ideas!  It’s there…and you can hold onto it!

Earlier this week, I was feeling the burden of circumstances far outside of my control…and then I started to write.

As I wrote down what I was facing, I felt some of the burdens I was feeling lift off of me.  The feelings that were once swirls on consciousness inside of my head were now neatly aligned words on paper that I could hold…and then put down if I wanted to!

Writing is therapeutic.   It provides a roadmap to where you’ve been and picture of how you are doing!  Writing is powerful!

What do you write about?  Have you ever written out your prayer requests?

Tomorrow, in part 2 of this blog post, I’ll finish this thought with a powerful reference out of scripture.

In the mean time I want to challenge you to pause and capture a snapshot of how you’re doing at this moment.  Write down how you’re feeling, what you’re struggling with…and maybe even write out something you need God to do…or an area in your life that you need Him to show up in!

Happy writing!   WRITE IT DOWN!