Christmas is everywhere this time of year...where are you?

christmaseverywhere640 One of the things that I absolutely love about this season is what I call the “saturation of Christmas.”  Christmas is everywhere this time of year!  Houses are decorated.  Windows are adorned with tinsel and trees.  Songs of the season are on the radio…and in the marketplace. Giant inflatable snow globes sit alongside front porches (eeehhh)…and even utility poles boast holiday decor…you get the picture, I’m sure!

Symbols of the celebration of the season are everywhere.…and for those consciously seeking to remember the true meaning of this season, the “saturation of Christmas” becomes an ever-present reminder of why we celebrate.

However, as much as this saturation can be a blessing…it can also be detractor if we’re not careful.  Think about your commute to work (or school) this morning.  What?  Yes…that’s what I said. :)  How closely did you pay attention to the familiar roads you were traveling on?  What details do you recall about your commute?  Did you have to think about where you were going?  Familiarity permits your mind to be elsewhere than where you’re present.

If you’re anything like me, familiarity begs that you check out.  Don’t check out this season!  Embrace it.  Let the saturation encourage your remembrance.  Let it, as the song says, “prepare Him room.”   Be present…and be reminded about the beauty and cause to celebrate all season long!

Christmas finds you wherever you are at…may you be fully present and continue to find it.