New opportunity to serve from the comfort of your phone or tablet - #McLaneSocial!

Our culture is constantly changing...which this leaves exciting new opportunities to reach it as it changes! According to at 2012 survey done by BUZZPLANT (a Christian-based digital advertising agency) - 46.1% of churches surveyed said that social media is, "there most effective method of outreach." (this fact is courtesy of Mashable)

We're excited to leverage this trend and use the internet as a tool to fulfill our mission to "Eliminate barriers to give people access to Christ!"

This is why I'm so excited to announce the launch of #McLaneSocial!  Check it out:


If you're interested in being on the team, send a tweet or make a post on your facebook page and include the #McLaneSocial hashtag...and we'll get YOU connected!

Help us continue to connect with others as we live out the mission we're on to "Eliminate barriers to give people access to Christ."