Introducing the Mid-Week-Experience


The Mid-Week-Experience?

"What is that..." you may ask.  Well, I'm glad you did!

Our Mid Week Experience is a variety of short-term studies that are targeted to specific groups of people and/or needs that people in our church and community may have.  Each study has a video based teaching accompanied with a time of discussion in a small group.  The studies we're offering are our Erie site are GRACE BASED PARENTING (aimed at equipping parents to employ grace into their parenting style) and FINANCIAL PEACE UNIVERSITY (aimed at applying Biblical principles into the managing our finances).

Many came out to our site this past Monday night...and had a wonderful experience!  There is still room for you to join a Mid Week Experience at McLane Church this fall!  For the complete listing of studies offered (and days of the week the experience is taking place)...visit our Group Life website HERE!