Learning by doing...and then passing it on! What's coming this weekend @mclanecherie

So much of life is "learning by doing." As we walk through the twists and turns of life, we're gathering information, we're experiencing new things, and we're growing as people.

And, often times, it's when we look back...we can truly see just how far we've come.

This weekend, Brian Kelly will be looking back at the last 20 years of parenting and sharing some of the thing's he's learned on his journey.

I love how God speaks to us.  Often times, its through the experiences He brings us to. Then, in passing these things on, God uses our story to help shape many other stories!  Awesome!

Maybe you're interested in hearing some advice from a 'seasoned' parent?  This would be a perfect weekend to join us at McLane Church Erie.

**As an aside, I love the term "seasoned."  Seasons represent stages, terms, or periods of good and bad, easy and difficult, planting and harvesting.  I love learning from "seasoned" people.  They are less swayed by the day-to-day and more concerned with the big picture.  In parenting, we need to anchor ourselves in the big picture while doing our best with God's help in the seasons.

Come ready to be challenged this weekend...and invite a freind!


PS -- this fall, we'll be launching a class called "Grace Based Parenting!"  Keep posted for more details about how we seek to encourage and strengthen the families of our church and community!