Have you felt the sting of persecution?

This weekend at McLane Church, we'll be talking about persecution.  (gasp!) Persecution is something that we have the natural inclination to run from -- to not want -- and to avoid at all cost.  However, Jesus teaches that we CAN EXPECT IT when we are following Him.  Against all natural affinities even, we're called to rejoice in it!

Are you feeling any of it today?  Have you ever felt persecuted?

If you're comfortable being comfortable, then DO NOT come to church this weekend...because this weekend will pose a challenge to us all!

However, if you're ready to embrace the life Jesus calls you to, if you're ready to hear about how to navigate persecution in a way gives glory and honor to God, and if you're curious as to what persecution because of righteousness living looks like...then by all means, you will want to MAKE IT TO CHURCH!

I hope you're curious...and in case you are not yet...


Services are at 9AM and 11AM at 1654 W. Gore Rd.  Erie.